Since the floodwaters have receded we've been able to get back to more normal life. Mary had given me a MIG welder for christmas and I've finally been able to use it. An initial project was welding up an exhaust leak, followed by moving the steering wheel. This had been roughly put in place in Goole, back in 2009 and although functional, it could take up less space.

Gleefully heralding the arrival of spring, I cut the mountings for the steering pump off with the angle grinder, drowning out the local birdsong. This enabled me to re-weld it back about 15cm further forward. Of course, like many projects, its spiraled out of its original form as I now have the chance to 'fix' or improve several things. Watch this space, but here is an interim picture of progress.

It should be finished soon, in the meantime Nate and I have been tidying up the engine room in anticipation of actually going somewhere in Misterton.




Never get off the boat

I'm sure I've used that title before, its a quote from 'Apocalypse Now'. Anyway, with all the flooding on the Thames we now need to use the canoe to get off and on Misterton. Most of the garden is now too deep for our thigh waders, Mary has a set of chest waders on order and is strangely excited about them. This picture was earlier in the week, the water is now about 6 inches higher, which has unfortunately cut off our shore power. Luckily we have a small generator.

  As the Thames is at near-record levels, we're sorta stuck on the boat. Nate and I did venture outside today as it was sunny and decided to explore further afield. First job was to move my car to one of the few remaining areas of safety, the next door boatyards carpark, here it is before relocation.

We dragged the canoe onto some high ground and turned it on its side to empty some rainwater.


 We then went over to the residential road near us and launched into the deep. Paddling up the street was a little odd, and when we got to the main road we turned left towards Chertsey.  The sun was out, swans were swimming and you wouldn't know we were on an 'A' road. We stopped and chatted to a photographer from the Times (turns out he collects Lister engines so we had a good talk about that) and he kindly took this picture on my phone.

So we're back to waiting for the waters to receed, hopefully soon as so many properties are now flooded.





The UK has been hit by a series of storms over the holiday period, the result of which has been extensive flooding. We didn't get much until after New Years where we are, but the waters started to rise. Nate and I made a gangplank one saturday afternoon and were pleased with the results.

A few days later the gangplank was under 1 foot of fast flowing water....

We needed to use fishing waders to get off and on as the garden was in thigh deep water. Nate enjoyed using the canoe in the garden though.

 He'd also managed to take his mother for a bike ride earlier in the week, so its been a good start to the year for him.

Finally, here is the fish I made for Mary's christmas present. Its over 7 feet long and the ribs and tail are all made from some of the wasted steel plate we had to remove from Misterton last year. So now the neighbours know what all the pre-christmas angle grinding was about.




Last one for this year

A quick post to finish the year. There are a few things going on boat-wise, but none quite complete yet due to the christmas festivities. One small project I've just finished is re-painting the two life buoys that came with Misterton. Until recently they looked like this,

but with a bit of work they cleaned up well and Nate enjoyed using them as living room props for a while.

The final result with new lettering can be seen here, Nate and I are standing in about 6 inches of water as the Thames is in flood.

 Finally, we have the tree up on the mast again, we keep having to lower it due to the storms in the UK, but as of tonight its back up again and the lights are on.

All the best for 2014!


Autumn Projects

As the days get shorter and the temperature cooler, I've been working on more 'inside' projects and here are a couple, both with the theme of tidy. The first is the storage area on top of the waste tank, this has tended to be a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff as its on the way through to the main living area. I'd thought of several approaches, but settled on downward hinging doors.

To us it makes quite a difference. The mess is still there of course, just hidden from view now.

The next minor problem was the clutter caused by various phones and ipads, they had tended to take up most of the counter in the kitchen with their associated chargers. This little rimu (New Zealand wood) corner shelf has solved that problem.


I've also been working on adding a heat exchanger to the engine so we can use closed circuit cooling. This is taking longer than I thought, so I'll write about that another time.


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